I Am Here

Hey guys.

Thanks for coming to my site.

Getting about 65 new visitors each month.  Imagine two people a day coming to your house asking about your passion.  Pretty amazing!

I’ve been going through a lot.  Depression, social growth and the rest.  I know a lot of you music makers can relate.

Turns out that most of what people want from me on YouTube is music-making-related infotainment.  That is to say funny videos related to gear, music production, instrument techniques and the like.

They say it’s easier to sell people what they want than create a great product and convince people to buy.  I agree.  Therefore I’ll be making more talking videos.

One topic I want to cover is Mental Health for Musicians.  I see tons of posts about this.  Being that I’ve struggled with this, I can definitely relate.  I also feel I have something valuable to offer on this topic.

I’m going to upgrade my YouTube production setup and then make a playlist outlining some mental strategies which have helped me during my darkest times.  Hopefully this will be of assistance to you all.

I hope to make some actual money by doing this so I’ll be starting an email list.  I’m going to provide for you guys a lot of valuable free content and then make a sales offer.

I really think that everyone should have a shot at doing what they love and enjoy.  By making a purchase with me, you’ll be helping me to live location and time independent.

It’s really the greatest gift you can give.  Especially because I plan to sell my book for about a dollar.

That’s it.  No affiliate links, no links at all and not even images for this post.  I’ve been silent for about three weeks and I wanted to let my most interested fans know what’s been going on.

All is well and is unfolding as it should.