The Art Of Mixing – David Gibson

Holy educational 80’s, Batman!

David Gibson’s Art of Mixing is a classic and standard in the genre.

This was one of the first videos I watched on the topic.  I’ve since seen many and have completed several mixes yet returning to it offers new value.

I really just wanted to make a post sharing this video.  It doesn’t seem to be an official version but it’s been up for awhile so I guess it’s cool.

Again, if you want to pick up the book then just click the link.



Green Monkey

Another Color/Animal friggin title.

I read an article about music producers.  It was actually probably about Rick Rubin.   It said that he’d get “has-beens” with “writer’s block” (which I put in quotes because people like Neil Strauss say it doesn’t exist – and I agree) to just write two words.

Two words.

I say again, TWO WORDS, that inspire them – and have that in by next week.  So, given that I was already in a somewhat successful band and am currently on the brink of a mid life crisis getting my career started at the tender age of 34, I thought I’d take that fucking advice.

I’ll let you ponder the meaning of the words.  I can almost guarantee they apply to anyone with genitals.




Got Reggae?

Had a conversation about when I took a shower on the beach by Santa Monica pier wearing only bubbles.

Someone else had a similar experience wearing only sun.

Hence the lyrics.

Not to whine, it’s hard to make a track every week.  I’m not just making tracks but also transcribing a song and writing one.  That’s three projects.  What I’m thinking to do is, instead of making a track and releasing it for the fourth week each month, make a review or lesson; something easier.  I’m getting behind on a lot of things and a little break would be great.

I still should get another song up next week and then I was planning to review my new monitor: the Dell U2415.  It’s a good one if you need a 24″ 1080p monitor.

Thanks for watching, reading and caring.  Hit me up on social if you want.

Till next week,


Super Sorry Bro

I tried.

Fuckin iMovie.

Doesn’t matter tho since I did the Warren Buffett 25/5 thing and realized that making music videos ain’t for me.

This is probably the first or second most derivative track I’ve done – not gonna lie.

But, you got to learn somehow.

Made it in one week.  Almost broke Ableton.  Need to resample.

Let me know what you think, hit me up over on Patreon and sub for more great music.



Prepare for liftoff.

Here’s a song I did.

I’m currently producing a track, writing a song and transcribing a cover each week.

They say it’s all about completing a large body of work.

Thanks to the winter and delicious beer I’ve got the large body down currently.  Time to do work.

Check it out, let me know if you like it and please consider supporting Hexspa on Patreon.



Maple Enemata (8BE)

I feel like such a shitbag.

I made this track almost two weeks ago and I didn’t even make a post about it. Getting my YouTube channel and this blog working together is something that’s going to take time. I hope you appreciate the effort 🙂

This song was made to help diminish the virgin population. Actually I made it to test out my new Ableton mixing template. I’ve been watching alot of Andrew Scheps videos and wanted to implement some of his ideas.

He uses a lot of parallel compression. I was using that before but not in the same way he does. He likes to group different types of musical elements together and compress them as interworking systems. For example, not only is he not insert compressing individual snares, he’ll take the kick and the snare and compress them in parallel as one. There are other tricks I hope to go into in another post.

This song has some of that parallel compression going on but it was also used to test between Sonimus Satson and Airwindows Console4.  These are console emulation plugins which are supposed to help your mixes sound more analog.  I’m not really sure what that means but those effects do have an impact on the end result.  You can check out my shootout of them here.

The last feature I want to mention is the way I wrote the chords.  I did it deadmau5 style where I just drew them in instead of trying to play them.  This method helped me come up with something I ordinarily wouldn’t play.

Hope you guys like it.


Sonimus Satson Plug-in Comparison Shootout

We all wanna be big, big stars.

We got different reasons for that but I’m pretty sure we share the common fantasy of going to the studio, sitting behind the console, snorting blow while getting blown by height-challenged groupies.

Or maybe that’s just me.

Regardless, that image just doesn’t seem as cool if the console was replaced with a laptop – much less a mac mini like I have now.

I guess I’ll just have to cope.  But, alas, there’s hope.  To my rescue, there are plugins designed to emulate the console sound.

“Yeah, but can I snort cocaine off it?” I can hear the advanced guitarists asking.  The answer is no; at least not directly.  But who cares!  They’ll make your mixes sound better and you need to lay off the nose candy anyway.

So in this video I shot out Sonimus Satson vs Console4 in a plugin comparison shootout.  I had been using Satson CM (free download with Computer Music).  I had also been using Console 4, perhaps incorrectly, on a previous mix.  One of these puppies was going in my mix template and I had to decide which once and for all.

The song used was “Maple Enemata (8BE)” I made just for the occasion.

As a bonus, dear reader, I’ll also provide for you a download of an old comparison I did with Slate VCC v1.0 in addition to my lossless link to the Satson vs Airwindows audio (see below).

Make sure to watch the video to the end to get the maximum out of it.

Sonimus Satson Plug-in Comparison Shootout Hi Res Audio Download (106 downloads)

Slate VCC V1.0 Demo (2014) (227 downloads)