Maple Enemata (8BE)

I feel like such a shitbag.

I made this track almost two weeks ago and I didn’t even make a post about it. Getting my YouTube channel and this blog working together is something that’s going to take time. I hope you appreciate the effort ūüôā

This song was made to help diminish the virgin population. Actually I made it to test out my new Ableton mixing template. I’ve been watching alot of Andrew Scheps videos and wanted to implement some of his ideas.

He uses a lot of parallel compression. I was using that before but not in the same way he does. He likes to group different types of musical elements together and compress them as interworking systems. For example, not only is he not insert compressing individual snares, he’ll take the kick and the snare and compress them in parallel as one. There are other tricks I hope to go into in another post.

This song has some of that parallel compression going on but it was also used to test between Sonimus Satson and Airwindows Console4. ¬†These are console emulation plugins which are supposed to help your mixes sound more analog. ¬†I’m not really sure what that means but those effects do have an impact on the end result. ¬†You can check out my shootout of them here.

The last feature I want to mention is the way I wrote the chords. ¬†I did it deadmau5 style where I just drew them in instead of trying to play them. ¬†This method helped me come up with something I ordinarily wouldn’t play.

Hope you guys like it.


Sonimus Satson Plug-in Comparison Shootout

We all wanna be big, big stars.

We got different reasons for that but I’m pretty sure we share the common fantasy of going to the studio, sitting behind the console, snorting blow while getting blown by height-challenged groupies.

Or maybe that’s just me.

Regardless, that image just doesn’t seem as cool if the console was replaced with a laptop – much less a mac mini like I have now.

I guess I’ll just have to cope. ¬†But, alas, there’s hope. ¬†To my rescue, there are plugins designed to emulate¬†the console sound.

“Yeah, but can I snort cocaine off it?” I can hear the advanced guitarists asking. ¬†The answer is no; at least not directly. ¬†But who cares! ¬†They’ll make your mixes sound better and you need to lay off the nose candy anyway.

So in this video I shot out Sonimus Satson vs Console4 in a plugin comparison shootout.  I had been using Satson CM (free download with Computer Music).  I had also been using Console 4, perhaps incorrectly, on a previous mix.  One of these puppies was going in my mix template and I had to decide which once and for all.

The song used was “Maple Enemata (8BE)” I made just for the occasion.

As a bonus, dear reader, I’ll also provide for you a download of an old comparison I did with Slate VCC v1.0 in addition to my lossless link to the Satson vs Airwindows audio (see below).

Make sure to watch the video to the end to get the maximum out of it.

Sonimus Satson Plug-in Comparison Shootout Hi Res Audio Download (118 downloads)

Slate VCC V1.0 Demo (2014) (269 downloads)

Superstar Unlimited

Hey. ¬†This track was made using deadmau5′ “Superliminal” as a reference.

I’m currently taking his Masterclass. ¬†It’s cool. ¬†I haven’t gotten to the mixing section yet. ¬†I could use it though since I’m currently mixing the Uncomfortable EP Pt. 2.

Just wanted to give you guys some insight into how I made this.