Chasing the Dragons

No one wins the game.  With high divorce rates, rampant cheating, lying and deception it’s easy to see why.  Even within so-called happy marriages there is bound to be discontent.  Why is that?  It’s because it’s something of human nature to be discontented.  People say, “Either game or be gamed.” Well, I propose an alternative – witnessing.

I think a game is a game until you’ve become emotionally invested.  I can’t speak for all games but, for instance, becoming emotional in poker is the first step toward going on tilt.  The same thing goes for jiu jitsu – you get emotional, you tense up and become more easily defeated.  There are arguments in favor of “beast mode” but for the most part good game is played cool-headed.  I’ve found the sociosexual game to be quite pulling on the heart strings.  It’s a very difficult game to play and remain calm.  Unfortunately for men, we never get over a breakup 100%.  I could say the same for even minor trauma.  It’s a very risky endeavour and I advise against it.

The man is generally always a loser when it comes to sex.  He has to initiate, risks rejection and ultimately is rewarded only with an energy-draining experience which is quite short.  I won’t even elaborate on disease or any other sex-related disorders such as marriage or kids.  I can’t speak on behalf of women but I’m sure many guys are either triggered by this or nodding their heads.  Probably depends on how many women they’ve slept with.

Anyway, I want to suggest witnessing as an alternative.  Instead of “gaming” and getting wrapped up in whether you’re winning or losing, just observe your reactions to being up and down – because you certainly will be both.

It’s better to master yourself than sleep with every woman on the planet.

The True Israel

If you are dominated by the sun you will be aggressive, madly aggressive, ambitious, political, hot, burning will, desire and passion.  If you are dominated by the moon you will be cool, non-ambitious, non-aggressive, receptive, peaceful, silent.  But both have to be transcended because both are lop-sided.  One has to come to a moment where one can say, “I am neither man nor woman.”  That’s when a man becomes a Buddha or a man becomes a Christ or a man becomes a Krishna when he is neither man nor woman, neither moon nor sun, neither “is” nor “ra,” neither yin nor yang.  He simple is, purely is.  All formulations have disappeared.

But this happening happens only by and by.  First you have to drop the principle of “ra” – the principle of the sun, the male energy – and you have to move into the feminine, into the female.  And from there you have to move into the beyond.

-Osho, Tao: The Pathless Path, Vol 2, 1977

Political America

Can everyone shut the fuck up for one damn second?

People protesting in the streets, burning flags and waving them like ninja swords.  People in glass houses throwing stones while planning their exodus north.  It’s ridiculous.  They act like they’re saints and everyone who disagrees is a sinner.  Do they always get their way by yelling and screaming like wet infants?  It’s funny to me that all these college-educated people are in the streets shouting, “Fuck Donald Trump.”  It’s great those high-level English classes helped them so much.

Listen, the cliche is that no one is perfect.  I’ll add to that and say no one’s perfect except an immature person that doesn’t get their way.  Or even worse – a mob of immature people throwing responsibility on another’s shoulders like the way a person’s personality changes when they get behind a wheel.  Everyone has flaws – once that fundamental is grasped we can move forward to point two – empathetic cooperation.

For each person missing work to burn shit out on the boulevard there is another person that is silently being alienated.  It could be your neighbor or friend.  When I was in the Army I learned that so much more can be done as a team than alone.  If all these smart people could remember that basic truth then we could all start trying to put it into practice.

As a side note, I find it ironic that some minorities can act patently racist against whites – even less-educated people, and get away with it.  Strange to call your enemy a racist while being one yourself, isnt it?

I understand it feels good to belong.  However, a lot of inclusivity includes exclusivity.  In other words, the more you hate the other side the more resistance you’ll beget.  So, please be quiet.  Try listening.  If you are superior then act that way.

And for god sakes stop burning shit.

Everyday is Overrated – The Case for 3 Times a Week

“Let come what comes, let go what goes.  See what remains.” – Ramana Maharshi

You’re pulling yourself apart like a giant piece of string cheese. The phrase “tearing out your hair” must have some truth to it. We live in a culture that favors the ambitious, the wealthy and tend to overlook the subjective experience of those idols. We forgo aesthetic, present living and artistic fulfillment. We forgo religion and patience and instead pair with aggression and absent-mindedness. We’re competitive and yet we go nowhere.

Some of us rebel against the mainstream. We become outsiders, outcasts, burnouts, drop-outs, ironic hipsters or addicts. We see the frosty landscape of humanity and decide it’s not worth thawing out. We turn our affections toward bitterness and cynicism in the name of creativity. But are the artists really even living? It’s tough to feel completely fulfilled when you’re at odds with half the population. Not being able to see the doctor for lack of funds has it’s own special kind of downside.

What I’m proposing here is a marriage between the fighting yoga and the loser bhoga. I think that whenever we pick, we necessarily decline half of our being. I guess this is a call for choiceless awareness. Maybe it’s time we stop fighting and denying our whole being and learn to float between two banks. A perfect metaphor, or rather concrete example, of this idea is in the balance between work and play.

Let’s say you want to work on something full-time.  Maybe you’ve found your calling.  Maybe you want to get ahead at work.  We all know that this approach leads to burnout and lack of inspiration before long.  Creativity needs space and rest.  Science has shown that the brain works in two ways: one tense and one diffuse.  Focusing is like a sprint; it can’t be done forever.  The recovery period is where you really grow.  Plus your best work is done when you’re happy.  The longer you drag on, the worse you feel, the more you’re creating an imbalance in the natural flow and your work, and chutzpah invariably suffers.

You also want to eliminate bad habits.  You throw away all the cheese in your refrigerator.  You wake up early to work out.  But before long you’re tired.  You’re lacking the vibrancy that those extra chocolates used to give you.  Cranky and sleepy, you know you can’t continue this forever.  You’ve cut yourself off from your childlike flow so you become bored, anxious and full of conflict.   Cheat days give you fun and diversion.  The downtime helps spawn new ideas.  But partying can be taken to an extreme.  If you do it every day it dampens health, becomes less exciting and less inspiring.

Mentally, we always want to do our best.  But the mind makes a better servant than a master, as they say.  Instead of working on the same thing every day, be willing to give up a little progress in the name of balance, diversity and enjoyment.  Whether it’s work, art and hobbies or a few soapy pints – too much is too much.

Hence, rest and labor balance each other.
Do not favor one or each will suffer.
Work when you feel you’re able.
Rest when you feel like resting.
Leave the rest in the hands of the unknown.
Then your path will be inimitable and you’ll feel whole.



“If we learn nothing else from this tragedy, we learn that life is short and there is no time for hate.”
Sandy Dahl, wife of Flight 93 pilot Jason Dahl, in Shanksville, Pa., in 2002*

Here’s a history lesson for ya.

15 years ago, asleep in a single bed in my first studio apartment in Roger’s Park, Chicago I was awakened by a ringing Motorola cell phone.  “Uh, hello?” I answered.  “The Twin Towers are gone!” said my hysterical lesbian friend.  She was typically dramatic but this made no sense.  Listening to her elaborate further, I started to get the picture.

The thing was though, I was asleep.  Plus, I’d never been to New York.  Besides I’ve never been one to react to world affairs.  It’s not that I was insensitive, I was just disconnected – maybe in more ways than one.

Around that time, thanks to a profound LSD-induced experience, I started getting into meditation.  I was also beginning my solo career as what would later become Hexspa.  Lots of things were happening.

So here we are today.  My blog is back up, I’m still on a spiritual path and the Twin Towers still aren’t here.  All those things are the same.  What’s different though is the emotional tone regarding these things.

I want to mention Robert Adams first.  He was an Advaita teacher and told us not to react to the world for it’s ultimately a dream.  In essence, our identification with the body, the mind and world affairs keeps us bound to the cyclic drama of life.  That might not be your cup of tea but, when it comes to life-altering events, that bit of wisdom could offer solace to many.

On that fateful day, I was completely clueless about how I was going to perform the roles that, previously, talented musicians were filling.  The same technology that enables me to deliver this message to you has allowed me to confidently release music without the need for any collaboration or compromise.  I think that’s similar to how we initially find ourselves stunned or emotional about events but later manage to deal and heal.

And lastly, since I don’t want you thinking I’m selling out a catastrophe for readership, though the memory of what was in New York still remains, it seems like a lot of healing has taken place.  None of the quotes I read about this incident took on a hateful tone.  They all seemed to remember the brilliance of the departed and recognize the value of what’s actually here with us now.

So basically, in 15 years a lot has changed.  Some of those events have been challenging and some have been sweet.  Regardless, the only event we have available to us is now.  So bring your attention to the present moment, give your loved ones a kiss and do work that’s meaningful to you.

Who knows if we’ll get another 15 to neglect what’s important?


Image Source: (upload. wikimedia. org/wikipedia/commons/e/e5/North_face_south_tower_after_plane_strike_9-11.jpg)