Workout and Vape

Can’t run and smoke.

That’s bs.  You can do it until you’re 17.

Went for “Karlihua Runicles” today with Karla then to the vape shop.

Got the vlog up and now I’m editing my Patreon welcome video.

Should be fun.

Currently rehearsing “Broken Rib” and “Today”.  Planning to record them in a special location.

See you tomorrow,


Starting A Patreon

I’m broke.

Seriously.  You know the cliche of living in your mom’s basement?  That’s me.  Except for the mom’s basement part.

So the good news is that I am living.  That might not be good news to some people (it’s hard to be second best lol) but every waking hour is an opportunity to awaken from the nightmare of your mind.

Deep spiritual discourse aside, I feel bad asking for money.  Starting this Patreon, I don’t think I’m asking for money.  Asking Karla and my grandma for money is asking for money.  Starting a Patreon is my attempt at an exchange of value.

This won’t be the first thing I’ve ever attempted to make money from.  I did sell some CD’s from a band I was in.  I honestly did try to give said band the money I made but they never got back to me so I won’t name them.

Anyway, I’m going to start this Patreon page soon.  It’s already there I just need to jazz it up and make it, you know, workable.

There are some awesome rewards I have planned for those who are interested.  Pretty much, if you like what I do you’ll like my Patreon.

It’ll mean a lot to my family and me.  It’s also good for the world since no one needs another barista that hates their job ‘namsayin?

Once the page goes up I’ll be linking to it regularly.

I’ve also got a new EP coming out soon and that’s a whole ‘nother topic I’ll probably explore tomorrow.  I’ll see you for lunch tomorrow, how bow dah?


New Beginnings

No more talking.

I’m done making fully produced videos on topics no one cares about.

I enjoy writing songs more than I enjoy teaching it.

If you guys want to hear more about how to do a songwriting technique or anything else just hit me up.  This internet is a two way street.

Until I get some requests I’m just going to be posting daily vlogs on whatever topic piques my interest for the day.  It’ll probably be music related since that’s all I really know.

If you haven’t noticed my channel and this site have new artwork.  It’s supposed to reflect the more diverse and light approach I’m taking.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still going to do my best.  There’s just no point in putting in so much effort if it’s not appreciated.

I was watching this video by Graham Cochrane of the Recording Revolution.  In it he says the new music business requires three things:  1. Understanding you’re a brand, 2. Understanding you’re a content creator and 3. Getting stuff out.

I think the fact that I have a logo, a name and a somewhat unified web presence reflects that I understand branding.  Obviously I’m a content creator.  The third one is what’s hitting home lately.

So like I said, hit me up.  Talk to me and tell me what you like or don’t like.

Check out today’s vlog and I’ll see you tomorrow.