100 Subscribers!!!

Ok, 98 fml


woo hoo we did it ūüôā

I currently have 98 subs on the Hexspa YouTube channel. ¬†Kind of exciting. ¬†My first video was uploaded around late 2009. ¬†I started with a namesake channel but I deleted all the stuff off of it so now it’s just Hexspa.

I remember when I made my first penny through adsense. ¬†It was a cool moment. ¬†I’m not raking in millions just yet but maybe one day.

The channel has gone through several ages and phases. ¬†Currently I’m trying to emphasize original music and updates specific to Hexspa.

I wanted to do something special so I made this video and in it I do 100 pushups in sets of 10.  Each 10 set lesson is related to mental strategies that can be applied to anything but project-based creative activity (like making YouTube videos or producing music) especially.

I’ll post the 10 lessons here and make a short commentary then you can go on your merry way all the richer:

Hexspa’s Ultra Wise 10 Life Tips¬†

  • 1. Little Things Add Up

Any time I talk to someone about what I do they generally seem to emphasize how hard music is or how they wish they had time to play. ¬†I always say the words, “little and often.” ¬†You’ve heard about consistency being important but it’s easy to get overwhelmed with that. ¬†It’s like the Japanese One Minute concept but even less rigid: just do a little and do it often. ¬†Forget about big numbers like 10,000 hours or 10 years etc. ¬†Just know that every little bit counts.

  • 2. Keep Going Even When Things Aren’t Going Your Way

A lot of times I feel like nothing is going my way. ¬†Realistically, that’s just a feeling. ¬†It reminds me of the Zen story about when an upscale Caterer went to a Butcher shop and said he needed the best cuts for an event. ¬†The Butcher replied, “Everything in my shop is best.” ¬†This is a life philosophy. ¬†Emotions might be rough but try to remember that, in this Butcher shop, everything is best.

  • 3. Make Use Of Imperfect Environments

Related to the last point. ¬†You might have seen that I have relatively extensive acoustic treatment happening in my place lately. ¬†You might think, “Well, I don’t have that so I can’t work.” ¬†That is false. ¬†This environment has loud neighbors, ants, spiders and they stop selling beer at midnight. ¬†Despite these negative factors (especially the last one – ugh) I work with it. ¬†Harsh environments can strengthen you or defeat you. ¬†News flash: It’s not the environment who decides which outcome occurs.

  • 4. Always Be Promoting

The closed mouth doesn’t get fed. ¬†The squeaky wheel gets the grease. ¬†Yes, in Japan they say that the outstanding nail gets hammered but you know who else gets hammered? ¬†Porn stars and those people get paid to do what I’d do for free. ¬†So who’s the real hustler? ¬†The point is if you don’t let people know who you are and what you’re about they’ll never know. ¬†You must at least be findable. ¬†Yes, they say the cream rises to the top but it won’t if it’s buried under the sour milk of your insecurities. ¬†Therefore, let people know what you’re doing. ¬†Who knows: you might run into someone who actually gives a shit.

  • 5. Aim High

I actually learned this in Driver’s Ed. ¬†The human being seems to respond well to challenges, met with confidence, that inspire. ¬†Often, when I’m encountering a difficult period in my life, I’ll have quiet moments when I cry.

lol not. ¬†Motherfucker, thugs don’t cry!

Ok seriously what I actually do is reflect on why I do this shit at all. ¬†They call it “Your Why”. ¬†I kind of hate these self-help bookish catchphrases but, if you can put them in your own words, the ideas can be helpful. ¬†It comes down to this: if you can align your behavior with your values then you have a powerful motor behind you. ¬†You will live according to your truest values regardless. ¬†So if your true value is to express yourself on a high enough level that people like your stuff then you’re going to find a way to push through the darkness and make it to that final goal. ¬†On the other hand, if you’re aligned with fads or someone’s approval then your motivation will be weak and you won’t get passed your breaking point.

  • 6. Work With What You’ve Got

I’m not gifted. ¬†I had early exposure to music and I had luckily found a bunch of bandmates early on. ¬†Despite these, and other, advantages I am nowhere near the success level of some other artists. ¬†That’s ok, though. ¬†Maybe I’m lazy. ¬†Maybe I’m fat and/or ugly. ¬†It doesn’t matter because I’m going to do this work regardless. ¬†I don’t have infinite financial resources (who does?) etc. but instead of focusing on that I try to focus on what I want to do. ¬†I don’t use the word “accomplish” because it’s future-oriented and that kind of thing inherently brings anxiety. ¬†I’m talking about a freedom of expression in the moment. ¬†Besides overcoming obstacles, real or imagined, there’s another virtue to this point which is what I call “keeping your hand in one place”. ¬†Not that place you sick fuck but “in one place” of the sense good guitar players and keyboardists use economy of movement to make chord changes. ¬†These guys rarely bounce around the neck like an overexcited adolescent. ¬†What I’m saying is to not look toward Mars for inspiration since it’s probably right there in your fingertips, dirty toenails or bad social skills.

  • 7. Work Through The Awkwardness

Part of being a human that pursues their own path is a sense that you’re going against the grain. ¬†While I don’t advise making an ego out of this I do say that you should expect, and become accustomed to, extreme social discomfort. ¬†Singing is like sex, for instance. ¬†Same hormones, same health benefits. ¬†However I haven’t met too many girls that fuck at the top of their lungs. ¬†You do have to sing like that, though; at least occasionally. ¬†In other words, doing creative work is going to make you feel like a total fuckwad. ¬†Get used to it.

  • 8. Get It Done Ahead Of Time

Sort of like Aiming High, do not plan to finish your project on the day it’s due. ¬†Try to allow a couple days to rest and return to it for a final check. ¬†This will either help you get things done more quickly, have time for final revisions or give wiggle room assuming something comes up like a free giveaway at Coldstone.

  • 9. Work Even If You Miss The Deadline

If #8 fails then just turn it in late. ¬†The key here is to not rush. ¬†Rushing is the worst thing a human can do besides pushing it. ¬†Don’t push and don’t rush. ¬†If you’re late, you’re late. ¬†If the people can’t wait then fuck ’em. ¬†If you can’t fuck ’em then kill ’em. ¬†lol jk. ¬†Thou shalt not kill, m’kay. ¬†For real tho, don’t be a gerbil on a wheel for nobody ya heard?

  • 10. Work Before Beer (In The Clear)

Don’t be a drunken idiot unless you’ve put in some work for the day. ¬†Next topic.

  • Bonus 1: Work While They’re Sleeping

You’ve heard it said in the motivational videos on the internet: “You might miss parties, your graduation, your mom’s funeral or the night you lose your virginity but, goddamnit, WORK while all the other fools do that crap. ¬†You’re a winner!” ¬†I think that’s tripe made up by people with no friends. ¬†Well, I have no friends but let me put it to you like this: there are myriad ways of sleeping. ¬†TV, games, meaningless arguments, fruitless anger, FOMO etc. ¬†You can do anything you want – yes, even losing your virginity – but if you’re constantly drunk with the mainstream consumerist lifestyle then you can be guaranteed to have a life devoid of meaningful creativity.

  • Bonus 2: Just Finish It

…and on that note I’ll see you next week.

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