deadmau5 Masterclass Sucks!

omg u guise this isn’t even a masterclass.

That’s the kind of thing I’m hearing on Facebook groups regarding deadmau5′ new Masterclass.  Whether it’s expectations or attitude that’s driving that negativity, I’m not sure.  Regardless, I empathize with those sentiments a bit.

I’ve been granted early access to the class which I received for my birthday.  I’m a fan of mau5′ music and was stoked to hear he did one of these masterclass things.  There was no way I was missing out.  But, after watching a few videos I was feeling let down.

Maybe it’s because it seems geared toward noobs.  Maybe it’s the way he seems to withhold info.  Maybe it’s his lack of clear English or using improper terminology for musical and technical things.  There’s definitely a lot that could’ve been done better.

However, the reason I’m not getting a refund is because not only do I enjoy the lessons but I think I can learn things with multiple viewings.

Like I mention in my video, though he’s not revealing any brand new techniques that anyone who’s been producing for more than a year doesn’t know, it’s kind of cool to realize he’s doing the same thing we are but on a completely different level.

It’s like, we all know about using outboard, saving our unfinished projects and arranging loops but the fact he’s doing all that and making a living says a lot.

I figure there are 21 lessons.  If I can take one thing from each video – and apply it – then in six months time I’ll be glad that I (my gf actually) spent the $90.


Superstar Unlimited

Hey.  This track was made using deadmau5′ “Superliminal” as a reference.

I’m currently taking his Masterclass.  It’s cool.  I haven’t gotten to the mixing section yet.  I could use it though since I’m currently mixing the Uncomfortable EP Pt. 2.

Just wanted to give you guys some insight into how I made this.