Ethan Winer On Music Theory

Hey guise.

Ethan made a few videos on music theory and I wanted to share.

Interestingly, knowledge of theory is partly what held me back from releasing music this week ūüôĀ

However, don’t be put off of learning theory because I say that.

I started learning theory to transcend the genre-specific limits I was experiencing so many years ago. ¬†Now I’m eating at the Old Country Buffet equivalent of music at the YouTube booth. ¬†Bad metaphor? ¬†Nah!

I’m definitely still working on music but I also have the 100 YouTube subscribers video getting made. ¬†It’s a milestone and in the video I’m making I plan to commemorate the event by doing 100 pushups (in sets of 10 ’cause I’m not a beast like that – moreover spread out over several days) tied into 10 hard-learned lessons of a life on the outside.

Whoa, Hexspa chill bra.

For real tho. ¬†I’ve been a random so long that I’m not sure I could ever integrate into “normal people” life. ¬†The good news is that I’ve learned a lot about time management and getting stuff done when, on one hand, I have no boss but, on the other, homelessness is just a mistake away.

If that doesn’t have you eager to watch idk what will. ¬†But, until then, you can watch Ethan’s stuff. ¬†It’s really good even if you know about music. ¬†I know how us music folk like hearing what we already know. ¬†L O L

I linked to the YouTube version above for two reasons: 1. I get credit for sending traffic to YouTube afaik and 2. the Vimeo version wouldn’t generate a thumbnail. ¬†Here are the links (video 1 not available on YT):

If you feel like picking up the New Harvard Dictionary of Music (shown in the video) you can do so by clicking here.

And, since this video series was supposed to be a part of his book, The Audio Expert, you can support Ethan Winer (and me) by buying the book on Amazon by clicking on the title.

Thanks for reading. ¬†Sincerely sorry I couldn’t get a track up this week. ¬†Take comfort in knowing I’m doing my best and, when I do get something up, it’ll be the best I can offer.

See you soon,