Mental Health For Musicians – iBroke (A Communications Story)

I broke my phone.

I’m not proud of it but what’s done is done.

It’s far better to be able to talk about how you feel.

But, talk as you may, you’ve got to feel like you’re being listened to as well.

A Communication Breakdown can lead to to broken phones and other mishaps.

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Mental Health For Musicians – Green, Yellow and Red Zones


As musicians we’re all sensitive people with so much to give.

Understand me, Sugar.

For real though.  We need to chill.  Enough of this 27 Club.

Enough of swinging from a noose.

In this video I describe a model of mental states that might help you NOT become the next headline.

Actually, let’s be honest – you won’t become that headline unless you’re famous.

So, let’s make a pact: dying in obscurity is no virtue.

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Mental Health For Musicians – Intro

“You’re crazy…

…and that’s where I come in.”

That should be my new pickup line.

It’s not, though.

What it is is the intro to a new video series intended to help musicians overcome mental health challenges.

I plan to fill a playlist with videos containing, tips, tricks, techniques, strategies and tactics for making it through the tough times.

Being a musician can be a perilous journey through oceans of the blues.  It can be a safari through a jungle of substance abuse.  It can be boring and it can be awesome.

It’s definitely not like working at an office.

So, if you’ve struggled with depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts then watch my video before you do something rash.

I’m not a doctor so take all my advice with a grain of salt.  I just wanted to share what I’ve been going through so others can possibly benefit.