Say what you want.

I hear a lot of talk on YouTube:

“America is the laughing stock of the world.”

“Stupid Americans…”

Yet, when all things fail around the globe, where come the refugees?

No one is running to Indonesia, Britain, India, Russia or China.

Yes, it seems that Uncle SAM leads the way as it has since the beginning.

You might hate Americans but they are YOUR grandparents (and their descendants) who favored life over judgement and death.

Think of these things next time you talk shit.

P.S. To you “Americans” who self righteously call this “your country”:

Stop creating artificial boundaries.

I was at a bar where the bartender called me a “half-assed American” (or some shit) because I’m half Mexican (Aztec, actually).

But, genetically, I’m half Cherokee, Polish and Scotch-Irish which all predate America’s independence.  That’s besides this land being primarily Mexican as well.

Wait, there’s a song about it.  I guess I am a musician, after all:

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Honestly, and I’m no genius, it’s time for the bullshit to end.