New Phone, etc.

Hey guys.  In my last video I said I broke my phone and showed it.

RIP iPhone 5c Blue.

In the end, it’s fine.  That thing has 32-bit architecture and wasn’t going to be upgradable to iOS 11.  Given that my Mac Mini is also outdated (currently running OSX 10.8.5), the whole shebang needs an overhaul.

I’ll be doing a clean install to High Sierra when it comes out.  I know the advice to first get clearance from 3rd party developers (Ableton, Native Instruments et. al.) but I’ve got to move forward.

I have a new track hopefully being released this upcoming Thursday called “Honey Diamond”.  This is another “deep dive” which has taken, as of now, about a month to complete.  eek.

I have more music in the pipeline but haven’t yet started another production in earnest.  Therefore, since I’m not amidst any contiguous projects, now is the best time to upgrade.

In the future, the 8 Bar Embryo project will be comprised of what I refer to as Digital Punk Rock.  I probably haven’t invented the term but maybe I’ll be giving it new meaning by keeping my arrangements and orchestration as minimal as possible with the view of more easily obtaining my objective of completing 100 virtual instrument-based tracks within a reasonable time frame.

I, with Karla’s help, have replaced the 5c with a used 6s.  It’s a beautiful device and I hope it’ll last me at least five years like the 5c did.

Unfortunately, it’s incompatible with my current version of OSX.  Coupled with the previously mentioned difficulties and the resulting desire to upgrade I’ll be slowing down my production while I switch over to newer software.

Hopefully this will result in helpful content in the form of videos, blog posts and forum responses relating to clean installs, software compatibility and other technical advice.

I hope you guys have been enjoying my latest content and that whatever I can release in the near future will hold you over until I’m up and running in full 64-bit land.

In the meantime, please sub on YouTube, join my email list and listen to my music.



I Am Here

Hey guys.

Thanks for coming to my site.

Getting about 65 new visitors each month.  Imagine two people a day coming to your house asking about your passion.  Pretty amazing!

I’ve been going through a lot.  Depression, social growth and the rest.  I know a lot of you music makers can relate.

Turns out that most of what people want from me on YouTube is music-making-related infotainment.  That is to say funny videos related to gear, music production, instrument techniques and the like.

They say it’s easier to sell people what they want than create a great product and convince people to buy.  I agree.  Therefore I’ll be making more talking videos.

One topic I want to cover is Mental Health for Musicians.  I see tons of posts about this.  Being that I’ve struggled with this, I can definitely relate.  I also feel I have something valuable to offer on this topic.

I’m going to upgrade my YouTube production setup and then make a playlist outlining some mental strategies which have helped me during my darkest times.  Hopefully this will be of assistance to you all.

I hope to make some actual money by doing this so I’ll be starting an email list.  I’m going to provide for you guys a lot of valuable free content and then make a sales offer.

I really think that everyone should have a shot at doing what they love and enjoy.  By making a purchase with me, you’ll be helping me to live location and time independent.

It’s really the greatest gift you can give.  Especially because I plan to sell my book for about a dollar.

That’s it.  No affiliate links, no links at all and not even images for this post.  I’ve been silent for about three weeks and I wanted to let my most interested fans know what’s been going on.

All is well and is unfolding as it should.


Enter the Dragon


I’m in my new place.

Big room, decent acoustics.

Currently finishing up listening to the Billboard Hot 100, 1969; a practice of listening to hits which usually kicks off my week of writing and transcribing.

This week might be different though, considering that I barely unwrapped my keyboard this morning.

Been waking up around 4am to catch the worm.  Gotta love the calm mornings!

I’m eager to get back to writing but putting together some sort of show is a priority now.  I’ve got a little bit of admin to accomplish, also finishing up the acoustic treatment in this room but after that I launch my Patreon and start my email list.  There are also cool Hexspa merch ideas for which I hope to arrange.

In case you actually came for Enter the Dragon then just go buy it.

At least Starbucks is close.  Speaking of which…



It’s going down.

My internet connection, that is.  I’m about to break down my computer in this move to a new place.  Being that this desk is the last bastion of comfortable insanity I have, I’m shook.

But we can fear not: I’ll be back up and better than ever in a few days at most.  I have plans to build more acoustic panels and maybe even publish some results of measuring tests comparing fluffy to rigid.  I’m definitely going to return to trackmaking/songwriting, make my Patreon public and hopefully begin playing shows before the end of the year.

Please sub on YouTube to keep updated.  I’ll have my email list for this site happening soon too so look out for that.


My Last Video :(

It’s over.

2016 has come and gone like the heartbreaker he was.

It was a productive year for Hexspa.  I moved to a new apartment, released the Uncomfortable EP Pt. 1 and made about 10 Dance tracks under the 8 Bar Embryo playlist.

We also launched One True Path Acoustics – subscribe over there for all your acoustics stuff.  We’ll be putting all the tutorials and products for sale on a new channel and site.

We spiffed up the studio by recombining, repositioning and reupholstering my current acoustic panels.  We also built super chunk bass absorbers.

The Hexspa YouTube channel and brand has become more simplified.  No more vape or acoustics stuff.  It’s just going to be music, related tutorials and reviews and personal rants.

I’m currently mixing the Uncomfortable EP Pt. 2.  It’s got “Lightbulb” (which I’ve been playing for about 10 years) “Poetry Without Words” (already mixed, sounds great) and a purely electronic one called “Keep Your Head Up High (previously released but this is a new mix).  It should be out by March 2017.

I’m still using OSX 10.8.5.  I’m going to have to update to macOS Sierra.  Also, no more Pro Tools as they failed to fulfil their contract.  I should sue but fuck it.  I’m mixing on Live now which is ok.

I’m going to become a Syntorial affiliate this year so look out for related vids.

Let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see from me.  Requests welcome!

Cool.  Hope you enjoyed the stuff I’ve done.  Sub and follow to keep up.

Happy New Year!


One True Path Acoustics

Hey guys.  Just wanted to let you know about my acoustics brand.

Hexspa is for music primarily.  I had done some acoustics and vape stuff just to test the waters.  People were getting confused though.

So One True Path Acoustics will be handling everything related to home acoustics.  If you have a home theater, studio or rehearsal place I’ll help you out there.

Our target market are people who enjoy fun, effective and affordable solutions.  If you look at the panels I currently use, you’ll see the design we’ll be offering – industrial, raw and easily customizable and repairable.

Here’s the related video I put out awhile ago:

Let me know if you have any questions,


Hey guys is live!  It’s taken awhile but I hope to keep this site up permanently.  Look forward to music, helpful how-tos and some offers for stuff you might want to buy to help keep me afloat.

In the meantime, click on the Social links to the right to see what I’m up to.