Ableton 10 Live Good

Ableton Live 10 Good?

Ableton Live 10 Good?

If you’ve been producing (or even interested in it) for any time at all, you know about Ableton Live.  It’s the DAW of choice for megastars like Skrillex, deadmau5, and other EDM giants.  I say rightfully so.  Ableton, through innovation, made an easy-to-use program that even musicians can use; and that says a lot!  Nearly 18 years later they’re going to release the long-awaited latest version.  The question stands: is Ableton Live 10 good?

Ableton 10 Live Good
Playing Ketchup

New and Improved

The Berlin boys have some new enhancements up their sleeve.  EQ8 sees an extended low range, Utility has been made more utilitarian, the mixer gets true stereo panning, and the arrangement view now offers clip stretching, snap-to-grid automation and MIDI note-chasing.  These improvements definitely look enticing but there’s more to the story.

Last Hamburger Standing

Live isn’t the only kid in town, though they may have been one of the first.  Recently, there has been an explosion of third-party options that hope to quench your bottomless gear lust.  These alternatives come in the form of plugins, hosts, and hardware.  Many, if not all, of these options already do what Live 10 offers and some do them much better.

Can They Catch-Up?

Without doubt, you’ve heard of REAPER.  It’s the $60 pink elephant that used to look like a programming experiment but has turned into the dark knight in the DAW wars.  It accepts more plugin options (JS, VST3), has nested grouping, and other features Ableton’s eyeing, and it’s way lighter on CPU.  It doesn’t come with sample libraries or many virtual instruments but, if you want what Wavetable does, get Xfer Records Serum for less than the upgrade price to Live 10 Suite.  Not to mention you can then use it in whatever host you like.

Just a Squirt

The bottom line is this: Ableton wants to charge you for what you can already get.  Making it worse, perhaps none of what they do individually is better than anything out there.  Live 10 is a simplified product which aims to give you a unique experience.  Before you shell out more money be sure to ask yourself if you want to be on Ableton’s terms or your own.

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