Author: Michael

  • Loud Neighbors: Apartments Suck

    Loud Neighbors: Apartments Suck

    Let’s face it: the minute your neighbor starts up with that noise, custom made by Satan for your bespoke torture, you seek relief. Sometimes apartments suck – loud neighbors can make your life a living hell. Or can they? Let’s look into some perspectives and action steps which might have you loving your spot. [20230924-This…

  • Andrew Scheps Mixing Techniques

    Andrew Scheps Mixing Techniques

    You might know him as the Metallica guy, the guy who won the loudness war, or perhaps the guy that looks like Andrew Weil and doesn’t care about mastering.  I’m talking about Andrew Scheps.  While this guy has been around for awhile, his modern techniques and edgy methods have kept him at the forefront of the mixing…

  • K System: The Ultimate Tutorial

    K System: The Ultimate Tutorial

    The K system has been blown way out of proportion in terms of its complexity. Maybe it’s due to lack of understanding or the general difficulty of following how-tos in a forum but I think a video and blog post are much better media for communicating this idea. The K system is nothing more than…