Betsey Johnson Backpack (NOT Mine!)

Karla got a new Betsey Johnson backpack. I know that this isn’t a women’s fashion blog but what else am I going to talk about? Do you really want to hear about me going through the Maschine manual again? Didn’t think so.

Obsession For Women

I’m not sure when Karla started with her interest in this designer. For as long as I’ve known her, she’s been interested in this quirky style. Actually, when we first met, she was more of the classy-style dresser.

She’s from El Paso, Texas and, over there, the style tends to be homogeneous. Everywhere you look, there’s brown skin, tight black jeans, and Converse sneakers. Maybe it’s just when I was there but she tells me it hasn’t changed.

When you come to Los Angeles, or any other metropolis, you’re bound to run into more cultural diversity. The thing is, Betsey Johnson is from Connecticut. Last time I checked, which I never have, that state isn’t a global fashion hub.

Going Rogue

As it turns out, a Midwesterner going weird isn’t an unprecedented turn of events. Marilyn Manson is from Ohio, Alice Cooper is from Arizona, and I’m from Chicago – not that I’m all that weird, mind you. Even The Beatles and Ozzy Osbourne have talked about the stark, uninspiring landscape of their childhood surroundings. Maybe there’s an inborn desire to create and, not seeing that outside, you start to project it in your own mind.

Betsey Johnson went to college in New York. As we know, that great city is no Wethersfield. Probably, upon arriving and looking around, her eyes must’ve been opened to new possibilities.

Perhaps Karla relates to this transformation. We often talk about how different our upbringings were compared to the life we share now. While my grandparents, who had a large part in my upbringing, valued healthy food, there wasn’t really a mainstream organic foods market like there is now. Sure, they did the farmer’s market thing occasionally but we were just as likely to eat the cheap pizza from Jewel or spinach from Aldi.

My Eyes

I think that, for me, I had noticed that all the famous musicians were living in Los Angeles. Another pivotal moment came when two girls who frequented a coffee shop I used to go to, Ashbary Coffee House, came back from California. They amazed me with the seeming transformation that trip had done to them.

The West Coast started calling. Discovering the wonders of cannabis around age 14 while listening to Cypress Hill, the plans for my future were emerging from the fog. While I don’t smoke anymore, I did then and the allure of a totally different lifestyle beckoned me at every absent-minded moment.

Now that I’ve lived here for while, I can say that things look different up close. Of course, time has passed – it’s not longer 1998 – and the internet has totally changed the entertainment industry. For sure, very few people were blogging – what to say about vlogging – at that time so it should come as no surprise that day-to-day life is probably also different.

You Better Work

Yes, as an adult, it’s all about labor. I’m sure Betsey noted this as well. Inspiration is great but it alone will never bring you the fruition of its seed.

Out here, if you’re not tryin’, you’re dyin’. I guess the caveat is if you’re a legitimate yogi but, let’s be real, how many real fucking yogis live in Hollywood? Like, probably one, and he’s probably got a newsletter and website too.

I also need to say that, whenever I visit home, it seems very obvious that the transformation I saw in those two young women has also happened to me. Maybe you can see it and maybe you can’t but, one thing’s for sure: we can see it in Betsey Johnson.

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