Got Reggae? Had a conversation about when I took a shower on the beach by Santa Monica pier wearing only bubbles. Someone else had a similar experience wearing only sun. Hence the lyrics. Not to whine, it’s hard to make a track every week.  I’m not just making tracks but also transcribing a song and …

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Super Sorry Bro

I tried. Fuckin iMovie. Doesn’t matter tho since I did the Warren Buffett 25/5 thing and realized that making music videos ain’t for me. This is probably the first or second most derivative track I’ve done – not gonna lie. But, you got to learn somehow. Made it in one week.  Almost broke Ableton.  Need …

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Prepare for liftoff. Here’s a song I did. I’m currently producing a track, writing a song and transcribing a cover each week. They say it’s all about completing a large body of work. Thanks to the winter and delicious beer I’ve got the large body down currently.  Time to do work. Check it out, let …

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maple enemata

Maple Enemata (8BE)

I feel like such a shitbag with this “Maple Enemata”. I made this track called “Maple Enemata” almost two weeks ago and I didn’t even make a post about it. Getting my YouTube channel and this blog working together is something that’s going to take time. I hope you appreciate the effort 🙂 This song …

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superstar unlimited

Superstar Unlimited

Hey.  This track, “Superstar Unlimited”, was made using deadmau5′ “Superliminal” as a reference. I’m currently taking his Masterclass.  It’s cool.  I haven’t gotten to the mixing section yet.  I could use it though since I’m currently mixing the Uncomfortable EP Pt. 2. Just wanted to give you guys some insight into how I made this. …

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