year end 2017

Year End 2017

Year End 2017 I had a pretty productive year.  Life definitely threw me some challenges.  All things considered, I’m looking forward to 2018 being even better.  Let’s look back from the year end 2017. In Review This past year I made some good progress in releasing music.  Not only did I publish several Eight Bar …

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last video

My Last Video :(

It’s over: my last video. 2016 has come and gone like the heartbreaker he was and now my last video. It was a productive year for Hexspa.  I moved to a new apartment, released the Uncomfortable EP Pt. 1 and made about 10 Dance tracks under the 8 Bar Embryo playlist. We also launched One …

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hexspa part 5

What is Hexspa? Part 5

Parts one, two, three and four. So it’s come to this. It was the EDM revolution.  America remembered it could dance.  How fitting that Dubstep had no identifiable dance.  Good time to shake off the rust I suppose. Working in the Pro Audio department of the Stupidly American music store, I was surrounded by a …

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hexspa part 4

What is Hexspa? Part 4

Parts one, two, and three. So there I was.  2008.  A MySpace girlfriend and a new name.  Service weapon of choice: guitar and voice.  MOS: Songwriter. In 2009 I went to school for music.  For three weeks.  It was a tad shameful of an experience and I’ll leave it at that.  Basically I didn’t want …

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hexspa part 3

What is Hexspa? Part 3

Part one and part two. It started with MySpace.  It always used to start with MySpace. In the Army I met a girl.  Late 2007 we moved into a roommate situation.  I was preparing for a music school in Hollywood (deliberately not naming it).  I’d pushed back my entrance for whatever reason (slacker).  So, early 2008 …

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hexspa part 2

What is Hexspa? Part 2

Continued from Part 1. Failure is the shit out of which new fruit grows.  I should start an orchard. The band was falling apart.  People were leaving, new lineups weren’t as solid and my musicianship needed work.  A chance encounter during an altered state of mind was the first clue as to what my future …

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