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Song Writing Quick Tips 6 – Compose With Purpose

Music isn’t about what you hear but it’s certainly about what you feel.  All the tweaking engineers do and all the erase marks writers sweat into are for the feeling, of course.  The feeling can be either an escape or an entry point.  As a creator, you’re expected to know and foster this.  Now, you’re expected to compose with purpose.

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No Purpose For You

Recently, I noticed how strange our practice habits are.  For guitar, at least, we spend plenty of time developing technical tools but very little on emotional ones.  In the beginning, we know how things feel.  To illustrate, play Hendrix for any six-year-old then ask them to mime it for you.  Pay close attention to the eyes.

Later on, once adolescence has destroyed our self-esteem, we start to focus on the left hand.  We certainly focus on it in more ways than one, am I right?  Bad hygiene aside, we try to reclaim our innocent greatness by becoming technically proficient.  Loved?  Never.  Our God is perfection, technique is our path, and our purpose is to obey.

Thus having deceived you, St. Scales lured your nose toward the glossy page and turned you away from yourself.  No longer making music to feel something, you commit the most mortal of sins – trying to go pro.

purpose scales
Better play ’em slow too.

The Profession’s Inept

You know what they say: “Everyone has to start somewhere.”  That phrase still echoes through quiet conversations between disappointed parents of every budding artist.  But what does it mean?

‘Everyone has to start somewhere’ means you’re probably going to be approaching complete financial insolvency before you make anything good.  Do artists really have to starve?  Yeah, seems like they do.

There’s only one reason for this: nauseous hunger borne of complete desolation alone can poke through your stupid convictions.  In other words, you needed a bitch slap.  You can only lead the camel to water if you know where the fucking water is.

For The Love Of God

In the end, it all comes down to simplicity.  Our purpose all along was just an emotion.  Just an emotion.  When you say it out of context, it sounds trivializing. 

Bill: “My mother just passed recently.  Couldn’t eat for a week.” 

Bitchy Sally: “Oh, stop being emotional.”

Here, you can clearly see that feelings are the heaviest invisible thing in the world.  If, as BusyWorksBeats says, ‘we’re in the mood-creation business’ then we’re in the life-altering business.  More than a railway switcher or a river dam, we control the flow of traffic.  Before we forget, we need to ask ourselves, “What’s the purpose of scales again?”

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