Diphthongs Are Vowels

Diphthongs Are Vowels

I can’t believe how much hate I’ve gotten over my two-weeks-old video on Rhyme Vowels.  Not only have I been indirectly accused of stealing from Pat Pattison but I’ve been directly insulted.  This is strange to me because I’m just trying to help.  Yes, I’m also trying to pump out content to save up for my Lamborghini.  Still, no one should have to endure this level of hostility over an English lesson.  Thankfully, I have researched this topic and can prove that diphthongs are vowels.

Wikipedia Says There Are 21 Vowels

Actually, Wikipedia says that the English language has 22 vowels!  The thing is, I went through these and at least two of them are very similar.  They’re so similar, in fact, that a couple of the 21 reference sources don’t differentiate between them.  Let me show you this unwieldy chart.

diphthongs are vowels
English has vowels like whoa

Now I can understand that almost nobody, let alone a weed-smoking songwriter, is going to reference this for their next hit.  Still, it says vowels then lists 22 of them.  That means that Wikipedia thinks diphthongs are vowels.  But wait, I get that not everyone believes that Wikipedia is a valid resource.  Despite that there are 21 legitimate sources in this chart, I’ll do you one better.

Vocabulary.com Says That Diphthongs Are Vowels

Let’s be real: there are a gazillion or so websites popping up every day.*  They might be on furbees, Tonka toys, or dating websites.  Still, one thing is clear: if you’re going to start a site called ‘Vocabulary.com’, you better know your shit.  I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that junkies are not admins of this domain.

The people who hit me with their bull crap weren’t native English speakers.  One, though, works at IBM in Israel.  I’m going to assume he’s had access to good schools and certainly Google.  Let’s take a look at the love letter he sent me before proceeding:

diphthongs are vowels
Eema didn’t raise no frier

Yep, a presumably intelligent human being sent me this after I linked him to the resources I’ve given you.  As though it wasn’t bad enough when he made passive aggressive statements to me on the Facebook Songwriting forum.  As an aside, don’t join that forum; it’s filled with bickering.  He just wouldn’t believe that diphthongs are vowels, I guess.

Detail Devil

Listen, I’ve researched this topic ad nauseam.  Well, maybe not that much but I have been eagle-eying it for over a decade now.  After failing to uncover every last possible detail about my mixcube video, I’ve taken thorough fact-checking to heart.  I wouldn’t lead you wrong, Sergeants!

If you’re writing songs and just need a vowel chart reference then please buy my resource here.  If you go there and scroll down, you’ll see it.  I’m selling it for just $1 and, with it, you’ll never lose track of vowels again.  You can always just screen shot my video but, if you buy it, I’ll send you the HQ version.  I’ll also send you the vector file so you can edit it for your own needs.

I’m considering making videos every day now.  Today, I attended a Mentor Collective training and made a video on it.  I’ll be releasing that soon.  Setting up for it showed me that releasing content really isn’t that hard.  I’ll have plenty of time to make original Hexspa music so long as I manage my schedule well.

Until further notice, I’ll be publishing every Monday, 4PM PST.  That’s original music and music-making tutorials like this one here.  If you like what I’m doing then subscribe to my Hexie Dose email Newsletter, become a Patron Hexspawn, buy me a beer on PayPal, or subscribe on YouTube.  I’ll really appreciate it and make sure you get the attention you deserve.  I hope you enjoyed this article on why diphthongs are vowels.  Till next week.


*reference needed

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