easy synth programming - intro

Easy Synth Programming – Intro


easy synth programming - intro

If you like music then you’ve probably tried to play an instrument.  That first instrument was probably a guitar or perhaps a piano and maybe you tried to sing.  More than likely, you didn’t pick up a synthesizer and produce a dance hit.  The point of this post is to introduce you to my new YouTube series on Easy Synth Programming with Syntorial.

I’m doing the lesson challenges and explaining what’s going on so you can either learn on your own or download the demo and follow along.  We cover it all: everything from start to finish.  You could teach yourself this alone but you probably won’t.


Why not?  The reason is two-fold: 1. Synthesizers are complex, intimidating, and nerdy.  Reason two is related to reason one in that synth programmers, being just like their gadgets, generally don’t hang around their version of a $40 acoustic guitar for drunk friends to destroy.


Yet, we’re fascinated.  What’s going on in the brain of that reclusive producer?  How does she make all of those sounds?  Bring your curiosity to Google and bewilderment will follow.  What you need is guidance.

I found out about Syntorial by word of mouth when I wanted to know about easy synth programming.  I kept hearing about it: “man this is awesome, check it out.”  So I did – I downloaded the demo from the site and soon I was doing battle with square waves and triangle oscillators.  But what the front is an oscillator?


To that, I counter: but, “How does an oscillator sound?” is the better question.  Heck, while we’re on this journey, why not learn both: what they are and how they sound – BLINDFOLDED!

That’s right, comrade.  The enemy is before you but he’s cloaked behind a digital wall that says “Hidden” and it’s up to you to ID him by the sound of his voice.

easy synth programming - intro hidden


Ok, wake up; that was just a dream.  What remains is the fact that Syntorial teaches you WHAT some synth knob does then hides it and expects you to know which is which.  Sound hard?  IT IS!  However, it’s the most easy synth programming tutorial I know.  Good thing Communism doesn’t ensue if you get something wrong!  What you do get is a sad golf clap for your pathetic attempt.  Take that NOOBIE!


Look: if you’re into synths but haven’t gotten around to learning then pick up this program – it’s got a completely free trial (that never expires) – and get to learning today.  You can download it now and it’ll be waiting for you when you get around to it.


If you ever do decide to buy it (pretty cheap), you’ll help support me.  Check out the video and subscribe to my YouTube channel.  That’ where I release weekly videos, like these, to help you make more music.  It’s better to learn with some friends so start watching now so we can go through this together.


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