Easy Synth Programming – Transposing

Easy Synth Programming – Transposing

Remember when Chino sang, “Transpose…“?  That was Epic back when music was in your face.  In this case, you can grab it.  Just turn the transposing knob.  What is it?

It’s It

The first thing I wanted when I started playing guitar was to sound as huge as possible.  I’m making that up, I wanted ladies.  After I’d had my fill of the neighborhood lassies, I decided to spread out my fingers and grab more notes.  By way of transposing, I learned The Power Chord.

Stop Your Lies

If you’ve played music for more than a day then you know two things: 1. There’s no H note but 2. there is Dropped D.  This magical tuning let’s you play twice the notes with half the skill; kind of like Auto-Tune before it went mainstream.  (Auto-Tune?  More like AUTO ZONE lol drummer’s car!).  Anyway, a power chord is root-fifth-root(?).  By transposing to such boring intervals, you can distort the cat piss out of it and annoy your neighbors with prepubescent glee.  Synthesists want some pussy too, apparently.  WHO KNEW?

Spread ‘Em

One ungodly riff deserves another.  Why not play both yourself?  What if you’re like Jack White and can’t afford a bassist?  You need more tones to sound bigger.  Notes are like Pringles, Jack.  Once you’re Pop, you can’t stop harmonizing your bass with perfect fifths.  It’s the oldest trick in the book.

Steely Dan

But what if you’re complex, brooding, or missundaztood?  Get up, stand up, and fight the man!  Tune your other oscillators to minor thirteeths!  Augmented fourths!  Hell, turn one oscillator lower than the other.  Ooohh, you bad boy.

Doesn’t Even Matter

The bottom line is that if you want to get plucky like the mau5 then you’re going to need more junk in da frunk.  Transposing is a job for two, mon frere.  While you’re out there twisting knobs, why not send me $5 for my trouble?  You know I’ve been helping you.  Come on, remember when Mackle left your daughter 40 miles from home to flirt with sewer vermin and I rescued her?  You should be my patron for that, man.



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