Gear I Use

You need gear to make stuff.  Whether you’re a photographer, videographer, musician, YouTuber, podcaster or image-creator, you can probably find the gear you need on this page.  After all, I’m all those things!  In each category, you may also find similar and related products I haven’t used first-hand.  I shop around so you don’t have to!


Lights are important.  Your eye is a magnificent device more capable than any camera.  It’s for that reason you need good lighting.  The beauty channels on YouTube inspired me to get a good three-point softbox lighting kit.  Click the link below to find out what I’m using and other related products:

Softbox Lighting Kit


You’re gonna need cables, Son!  Aux cables, MIDI cables and geeetar cables.  My whole life is black cables and technical manuals so get yours here:

Aux Cable

Air Purifier

Breathing is important.  Don’t let your air get too dirty because it’ll mess up your voice and delicate recording equipment.  Get a decent air purifier here:

Air Purifier


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