How To K-System

Hey guys.  I just want to make a quick post reflecting the content of this video about the K-system.


Essentially, the K-system has been blown way out of proportion in terms of it’s complexity.

It is nothing more than simply using pink noise to set your room’s volume level.

Pink noise approximates music but without dynamics.

You’ll need an SPL meter, any pink noise file, a RMS or EBU-R128 loudness meter and a DAW.

Import the noise, set it to -20dBFS RMS or -20LUFS integrated.

Turn on your SPL meter, place it at your listening position and set it to C weighted, slow response.  You’ll be aiming for a dBC level of about 72-76dB.  Pick any level and stick with it for now.

Turn just one monitor on and play the noise.  Turn up the volume until it’s at your target dBC value.  Repeat for other speaker.  Sub can be on.

Boom, you’re at K20.  It’s useful for mixing and correlates roughly to 0dBVU.

In order to do K14, and from there you can figure out any other scale, just turn the noise UP in your DAW to -14dBFS RMS/LUFS.  Compensate by turning down your monitors until you hit your dBC target value.

The whole idea is that you want to be listening at the same volume no matter how hot the signal is in your computer.

The main secret is to keep everything consistent – your levels but also the pink noise file you use, your SPL meter, your listening position and your loudness meter.  Do not get bogged down in the minutiae.  Try to get to the essence as soon as possible.

In Sum

Hope this was helpful.  Let me know if you have any questions.  Consider supporting Hexspa on Patreon.  I’m focused on music right now so I’ll probably be doing less tutorials.


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