Karla’s Sick – Subway Trip

Poor Karla. It must’ve been the ham and eggs she had for breakfast. Just a few hours into being at work, she had tummy trouble and had to come home.

That’s ok, though. I don’t mind taking care of her. All she needed was a little sleep and then felt better.

She was hungry so I decided to go to Subway. The people there were very nice and into making music. We exchanged contact info and, who knows, maybe we’ll have a collaboration.

Torture Maschine

I’m making fresh beats for all my vlogs. Since Maschine is so easy to use (I use the mk2 version), that’s the tool I make them with. Too bad I forgot how to use it.

Another problem is that I get a lot of software hangs on my system. The program keeps looping even when I hit stop on the controller. If any of you guys have this problem, let me know.

I hope that it’ll get resolved with my computer upgrade. Amazon had the Seagate Barracuda 4TB 7200 RPM drives for just $89.99 today so I had to order it. This build is getting bought piece by piece but will soon be complete.

Sunday Funday

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed today’s video as well as yesterday’s. Even though I took a lot of pauses in yesterday’s tutorial, I made it through.

The thing is, I’m not used to actually talking about acoustic treatment on a technical level. If I did that, Karla would kick me out! In any case, I hope that video was helpful.

Be sure to let me know what kind of posts you want me to make. As you know, I release original music (get it free when you join the Hexie Dose), music-making tutorials & the spiciest vlogs I can. Hit me up @hexspa and I’ll reply.


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