mixcubes 5 hidden features

Mixcubes – 5 Hidden Features

What if I told you that aliens lived on the back of a mixcube?  Whether you believed me or not is irrelevant because you don’t actually know what’s back there, do you?  Mixcubes 5 hidden features are what most people don’t talk about.  Keep reading to find out more.

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Check out the rear on this baby.

Now that I’ve shaken your view of reality let me tell you about the five hidden features on the back of powered mixcubes.  If you’re considering buying one, this info is pretty important so read on…

If you want to read reviews of the Avantone Mixcube on Amazon, please click here.  (Links to the cream one but that’s where the reviews are.)

5 Hidden Features of the Avantone Mixcube

  1. Balanced jacks – Thankfully, these babies come with a TRS/XLR combo jack so whether you like your connectors pointy or sheathed, the mix cube will accommodate.  The name implies that these are balanced connections.  They cancel RF interference which leads to a more noise-free connection.

    Balanced Jacks.
  2. Ground lift switch – Further eliminating your noise problems is this handy feature.  A small, but well-built and aesthetically pleasing, switch on the back will lift the ground (impressive feat for a small switch, really) and eliminate any hum you might have going on coming from your power supply.  Being that I’m not an electrical engineer, I have no idea how this actually works.  Suffice it to say it’s a switch, it works and I like it a lot.

    Use a shovel or a switch.
  3. Indented volume knob – I mentioned this feature in my last post.  This is a great feature to have for several reasons.  Whether you use a calibrated monitor level, such as the K System, or not, it’s handy to keep your mix cube at the exact same level should you ever want to change it’s volume.  Being that it’s an analog piece, I do feel it has a sweet spot in the middle.  You can hit it perfectly by feeding it a controlled signal from a digital source – such as your computer.

    mixcubes hidden features
    This needs to be a knob
  4. Illuminated power switch – It’s so lit.  Custom-built by the illuminati – or so I hear.  It’s plastic, kind of retro orange-y and pretty damn hard to flip to be honest.  Power switches are handy but I rarely use it.  I leave this thing on all day all night and it’s always there ready for me in the morning.  One of my favorite of the mixcubes 5 hidden features.

    mixcubes hidden features
    They should really put this
  5. Custom power connection – This isn’t your standard three-prong connection like you get on most monitors.  It’s a six-pin connection and has a screw-on collar which keeps it intact.  They made the cable leading to it sufficiently long and hard-wired it to the external power brick.  The power brick itself is quite big, heavy and cool looking.  The brick has a 230-115v selector switch on it so no matter where you get your power it’s gonna be alright.  Going to the wall outlet is your standard power cable with the aforementioned detachable standard black three-pronged cable.  

    The 6 Prongs and Voltage Switch.

In Conclusion

So that’s it guys – five features round the outside of this nifty little addition to your stu.  The balanced connection and ground lift switch are going to let you hear those reverb tails while the on/off switch, power connector and voltage selector are going to keep you powered up and ready to go at all hours of the night.

If you’re ready to pick one of these up, be sure to click here to go right to Amazon.

Next week I plan to make a video showing exactly how I use the Avantone Mixcube in conjunction with my full-range Yamaha HS50 and SW10 setup.

See you then,