native instruments native access

Native Instruments Native Access

Native Instruments Native Access

Wouldn’t it be nice if software developers tried to make the installation process easier?  Software companies love to release new products and have us buy them but once the software is on our side of the internet, sometimes it feels we’re all alone.  After recently reinstalling my OS, I began downloading the newest versions of everything.  I was surprised to find that Native Instruments Native Access was very different from Service Center.  The question remains: does it suck?

native instruments native access


This installation didn’t give me any problems.  I mean the actual installer installed well.  I found it nice that there was just one package and not dozens like before.

Ease of Use

After you sign in, Native Instruments Native Access knows what you have available and lists them in a nice grid.  Once you’ve downloaded your products, updates are listed under a second tab.  It presents itself as a clutter-free interface which is a joy to use.

Compared to Other Installers

Yet not all installers are so clean.  XLN Audio, while making great-sounding instruments, have an installer that can use some improvement.  Demo offers and social media calls-to-action clutter their interface.  Toontrack has a nice installer but it gives you a few extra steps which should be streamlined.


Did I say it’s pretty?  Oh yeah, Native Instruments Native Access wins the award for prettiest installer that I’ve seen.  Products that are downloading turn grey, the layout looks clean, and the gray scale color palette really allows the product images to shine.

DMG (or EXE) Management

Whereas the Toontrack installer makes you decide whether to delete your used DMGs, Native Access just does if for you.  I like that it takes care of these details under the hood.  Unfortunately, Native Access crashed during one of my installations forcing me to do manual cleanup.


Where other installers just have a download bar, Native Instruments Native Access gives you mouse over actions which give you information about your individual products.  Another feature I like is that it knows whether you have products already installed on your system.  Granted, other installers know this as well.


To be sure, not all is cherries and rainbows with NI.  Rather than wait around for a 23GB Kontakt library to download before it simply checks whether I already have installed it, why can’t it do a quick scan first and save me lots of time?  Furthermore, despite NI’s Native Access looking the best of the bunch, it was the only one that crashed.

Help Yourself

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