old lake sign

Old Lake Sign ’17

Old Lake Sign 17

Here’s a new track to ring in the new year.  It’s a remix I did of the Frank C Stanley version of Auld Lang Syne.  It’s an Eight Bar Embryo track and it’s called “Old Lake Sign ’17 (8BE)”.  Let’s find out how it came to be.

old lake sign
Hexspa – “Old Lake Sign ’17 (8BE)(Auld Lang Syne Remix)

Bubbling Up

Inspiration came in a very ordinary way.  Every year, I like to make an End of Year video which showcases the work I’ve published as well as what I hope to accomplish in the near future.  Either last year or the year before, I used the previously linked public domain work as background music.  However, given that I have another 365 days of production experience under my belt, I figured I could make a remix.

Long and Winding Road

This also happens to be the first track I made and released in REAPER.  I’m learning this program because Ableton Live is charging too much for their upgrade.  Editing in this new program is unfamiliar but immersion will serve me best.  I find the warp algorithm to be very good and you can hear it all over the place in this track.  The chord progression is Fmaj – Fmaj7 – Dm – C with a descending bass line.  I used Battery and Absynth by Native Instruments for the groove and Kontakt for the flute parts which come in during the chorus.  Patrons can get access to my presets as well as the project file.

Back to the Future

This track is going out before my End of Year 2017 video.  That means you get one more video out of me before 2018.  This year was challenging but I feel happy I made a bunch of stuff.  I hope by this time next year I’ll know REAPER better and will have released more music.  Here’s wishing you the best in all your endeavors.


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