Overcoming Depression

Overcoming depression is not an easy thing. In fact, I’ve been working on it since I was 21 years old. I’m now 36 and it still pops up. Let’s talk about it and ways to improve.


They say not to take food advice from a fat guy. I guess then take this with a side of salty fries but eating well helps your mood. One of the things I eat which help are cashews.

If this sounds nuts, it isn’t. Since I’ve been eating a handful of cashews daily, sometimes more than a handful, my mood has improved. I’m not saying it’s all you need to do when overcoming depression but it’s a start.

Another tip I can give is to eat vegetables. If you don’t like them then think like a fat guy and add cheese. I love boiled fresh spinach with pepper jack and parmesan cheeses. Something we hope to try soon is broccoli with chile con queso.


As you can see in my 100 Subs post and in this Hexie Vlog, I think exercise is important when overcoming depression. The problem is that you might not feel like doing it. I think that’s normal, especially if you’re not a fitness freak, but every little bit helps.

Try going for walks. They say that Europeans walk way more than Americans. Maybe it’s because their cities are more walkable.

Besides that, try not using your car. I don’t have one so I have to bike everywhere. This is a lifestyle choice but I know not everyone wants this.


I can’t tell you to either use or not do drugs. I will say that some drugs can help you and others might make you feel worse. You need to decide which is which.

Of course, there are the ones your mother gives you which don’t do anything at all. Then there are the ones the doctor gives which might have severe side effects including suicide. You can always go to the street pharmacist but, like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’ll get.

I want you to be honest about whether your drug-related decisions are either helping or hurting your case when overcoming depression. I know that, if I drink too much alcohol, I don’t feel my best. On the other hand, when I drink coffee, I usually feel a bit better.

Hobbies and Career

When overcoming depression, your hobbies and career can either give you a sense of accomplishment or make you feel weighed down. Where you draw the line is up to you and your situation. You need to ask yourself whether your daily routine is helping you or not.

Let’s start with career. Almost everyone needs money. The big question is: how much do we need? For sure, we might overwork ourselves to get more than necessary.

Working too much might take away from your family and social life as well as time for hobbies. If you ever wanted to learn to play the piano, play more soccer, or just relax then maybe you can start to work less.

Is Overcoming Depression Possible?

By now you have some things you can do to help you in your effort in overcoming depression. The question still stands of if we can do this at all. I’m not sure but it does seem like we can improve it.

I know that many years of my life have been stolen by gloomy moods. It’s very nice that I don’t feel so bad all the time anymore. Hopefully this post helps you and you can feel better too.

Maybe if you listen to my music you’ll feel better. I give it away to everyone who joins the Hexie Dose Newsletter. This is a drug you can feel safe taking!

See you tomorrow – peace!

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