planet soul

Planet Soul (Remix)

Planet Soul (Remix)

They say that collaborations are good for your musical life.  Heck, that’s probably true.  After all, you get at least one built in retweet.  This track I’m talking about today is a collab between a guy who goes by either pgmjsd or joshEjosh, depending on which day you ask, and me.  He’s a bit more Techno and I’m a little bit rock and roll.  In any case, this “Planet Soul (Remix)” track is actually the 90’s House song “Set U Free”.  And you thought Bieber came up with using ‘U’ in the title!

Planet of Followers

I usually like to lead the carriage.  It probably has something to do with being raised in a military family.  When you’re brought up by very headstrong people, it rubs off on you.  Well, I feel like I’ve taken that to the extreme with Hexspa.  Though I’ve been influenced by deadmau5 and Trent Reznor, even they have to rely on their teams for some things.

Whereas Trent and Nine Inch Nails always perform as a group live and mau5 couldn’t defend himself in court to save his life, I’ve grown tired of doing all the music on my own.  There are so many talented artists out there just waiting to be asked to prom.  Now maybe I don’t have access to the penthouse yet but if we travel together we might get there more easily. 

Originally I was a fan of 90’s house.  It was only later that I got into guitar and Heavy Metal.  Back then it was actual ‘Heavy Metal’.  Ratt, Queensrÿche, and Guns n’ Roses were just a few of the heavyweights on the radio.  To this day I’m not sure why that music took such a strong hold on me.  In any case, it was actually a family member who influenced me to like it.  I guess that counts as a collaboration too.

Soul Glue

Recently I was watching an episode of Pensado’s Place.  It featured Jaycen Joshua of “Despacito” mixing fame.  They were talking about how important they thought similar musical visions were.  This idea applies to this “Planet Soul” collaboration.

Herb, Dave’s manager, said that before each project they hold a ‘creative call’.  That’s where they go over what everyone is expecting.  Naturally, if Dave’s client wants something that he isn’t an expert at then maybe they’ll find another mixer.  If you’re going to work with or for someone there needs to be common musical ground.  There’s really no sense in picking up a project for which you don’t feel qualified.

With this “Planet Soul” remix, I think Josh and I definitely had some ideas in common.  While he started the project off with an aggressive synth idea, I refined it into what I consider to be more modern.  If you listen to is past projects, however, you can hear how what this came to be had always been in the cards.

Equal Footing

Another important aspect of working with others is making sure everyone does their part.  Like I already mentioned, Josh started the idea so I felt it was my duty to finish it.  Now that didn’t happen quite how I’d hoped.

In fact, the seed of this Planet Soul track was started almost a year ago.  I suggested we do it, he sent over some files and then…. Nothing.

That’s right.  I sat with this material for at least five months before I even opened it.  Actually this is the second time that has happened to me.  In another collaboration with Joel Adams, “Drop Down“, I began immediately but took five months to finish.  Apparently that’s my gestation period.

It’s not that I couldn’t come up with any ideas.  Eventually I did start to play around with what he’d sent.  Unfortunately, I didn’t feel up to the task.  I actually had to go and finish two or three other projects to feel prepared enough to complete this one.  Don’t be afraid to seek out additional training in order to complete a job.  I really feel doing so helped me tremendously with this Planet Soul remix.

Set U Free

Things definitely can go wrong in working with others though, of course.  Sometimes you might feel that someone isn’t pulling their weight.  This can happen at any point in the process.  My advice to you is to take note of any feeling you have that things aren’t working fairly.  Try to mention it to them because maybe they’re unaware.

Unfortunately, sometimes getting personal within business can leave people with bad tastes.  Some people like to communicate openly and some don’t.  This comes up in all kinds of relationships so be prepared for it.  I’m definitely more of a talker, and I know it.  Whether it’s for any past or future project, I have to remember that some people let their work speak for itself.

Anyway, thanks for checking out our song.  I really feel like it represents a step forward for me and I hope Josh feels the same regarding his progress.  “Set U Free” by Planet Soul is a great song and I recommend you pick it up.  Please consider supporting me on Patreon or joining my newsletter if you like my work.




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