mental health for musicians

Sane lives matter.  People overlook the importance of mental health for musicians.  I started a playlist to address this issue.

Everyone knows that musicians are drug addicts.  It seems people care less about mental health for musicians than the music they produce.  We just let them self-medicate and die in vain.  We need to stop turning a blind eye because it doesn’t need to be like this.

It’s better to live than to be a martyr.  Many artists forget their self-esteem.  I say that balance is more important that creativity.  Let’s bring this topic out in the open and eliminate the stigma so happiness and creativity can coexist.

I don’t call myself a qualified doctor.  I say that I’m someone who lives the life and has tasted the bitter and the sweet of this endless buffet of Bohemia.  In this playlist, I share my first-hand experiences for everyone’s benefit.  Therefore, check out this playlist if you, or someone you know, needs it.

drugs help music

Drugs Help Music? – Mental Health for Musicians

Drugs Help Music? It’s a cliche as old as music itself: the burnout musician living outside the fold.  Why is there such a strong association between creative people – musicians especially – and drug (over)use?  Research has shown that many creators have suffered harsh upbringings.  Pain is a motivator which can lead to high ambitions, …

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Mental Health for Musicians – Pray for Strength

Mental Health for Musicians – Pray for Strength There’s been a lot of conflicts lately.  Actually, there’s always been a lot of conflicts.  The whole history of human evolution is filled with strife, war, famine, disease, rape, and taxes.  It’s really no wonder that people turn to religion for answers.  If our leaders abuse us then …

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