Songwriting is how I got my start.  Through it, I was able to play with some of Chicago’s finest musicians.  Today, it’s the backbone of my career.

It didn’t start with songwriting.  My first work was a poem to my mother.  She had left the house in a fit of frustration.  Behavior like that bewildered me.  No one likes to be abandoned.  The urge to express was born.

I was always reading and writing (in addition to playing video games).  My younger self had a rather real fascination with Christopher Pike novels.  Once I discovered music, it was only natural to apply my literary love to it.  After being “discovered” by an upperclassman to join his band, I began writing material for the group.  So, group lead to group.  Sometimes those people, as a whole, liked my stuff and sometimes they didn’t.  I remained undeterred because rejection and acceptance are the same.  Consequently, I’m still at it while they may have quit.

Today I deliberately practice this craft.  Everyone should know about the power of a vocal melody as much as the words.  Chords, in my estimation, are the ultimate, and most subtle, way to make music cool.  Seems that combining great songwriting with amazing production is a force to have.


Song Writing Quick Tips 7 – More Cowbell, More Backstory

If you’re anything like me, you love song lyrics.  More than ‘higher, fire, desire’, you want the story to take you somewhere.  You want to be moved, inspired, and maybe a few lyrical gymnastics.  I can guarantee you that the people who write these great songs develop their backstory.  Assemble, my flock, and let’s meditate …

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