Torrance Mail Problem

Among stolen, lost, or broken packages, I’ve never experienced worse mail service than I have here in Torrance, California. I’m sure that the majority of postal and parcel workers are honest and good people. Even so, the few ruin it for the many.

Grandma Money

Everyone knows you shouldn’t send cash through the mail. It’s a sad timeless truth that we can’t always trust our fellow human. The thing is, we get old and eventually try to send our grand kids money.

What’s more tragic than an old lady, from the love in her heart, sending money to her family only to have it stolen by some mail thief? It reminds me of the porch pirates. What goes through someone’s mind to take something that clearly isn’t theirs?

It’s important that we consider the actions we have on others. If you steal, how can you imagine that it won’t come back to you? You’re not Robin Hood and what you’re doing isn’t noble.

Internet Thief Culture

I’m not going to lie – I’ve used Napster and Kazaa back in the day. The funny thing is that those kinds of activities bring at least as many problems as they solve. There’s no way that doing the wrong thing can pay off in the long run.

Maybe it’s because we see people on social media doing these things, or our friends do it, so it becomes normal. I’m shaking my head while thinking about this sinking to the lowest common denominator where the buck is passed to the biggest scumbag in the group. Sure, it’s not popular to stand up for what you know is right but that doesn’t mean you have to participate.

The bottom line is that, somewhere along the way, the people who are stealing and mishandling the mail learned these values – or lack thereof – somewhere. I bet that it starts at home. How is it that people have kids with no resolve to raise them right?

California Post

I will say this: when I made a complaint on the USPS website, a lady did get back to me. She sent me a post card – ironically it wasn’t lost – and she asked that I contact her regarding the matter. Well, I didn’t. I appreciate the concern but what can I say?

I don’t remember exactly what day any of this occurred. Amazon, if you haven’t been keeping up with my recent posts, has very graciously smoothed these issues over and now we share records of this. But months ago, when I contacted the post office, I wasn’t keeping track.

I accept responsibility for my lack of productive participation. Still, this is what’s going on in my life and I feel it’s worth mentioning for all to read. Surely, I can imagine hateful comments of all types but, at the end of the day, I hope one negligent mail carrier reads this and reconsiders their stewardship of our valuables.

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