hexspa part 2

What is Hexspa? Part 2

Continued from Part 1.

Failure is the shit out of which new fruit grows.  I should start an orchard.

The band was falling apart.  People were leaving, new lineups weren’t as solid and my musicianship needed work.  A chance encounter during an altered state of mind was the first clue as to what my future would hold.

It was the first time I’d ever seen one in real life.  The MPC 2000 was the mythical sampler that Hip Hop guys used.  Being a Tool fan, it wasn’t on my short list of must-have-gear.  The fact that those two guys could make an entire song with minimal drama was a revelation.  I made sure to pick up an ASR-X Pro and started learning the craft.  That’s when things got tricky.

Between my network falling apart and my over-inflated sense of entitlement (hey I played with the best guys) I decided to move to California.  What followed was about three years of nebulous wandering, auditions, and lackluster performances then an additional two years of military service.  I’d joined to get my education.  So that brings us to a total of 10 years I was out-and-about trying to get my bearings straight.  When they say time moves fast, they weren’t lying.  Whoever “they” are.

In Part 3 I’ll explain how and why Hexspa itself started and maybe by the end of if you’ll care more.