hexspa part 3

What is Hexspa? Part 3

Part one and part two.

It started with MySpace.  It always used to start with MySpace.

In the Army I met a girl.  Late 2007 we moved into a roommate situation.  I was preparing for a music school in Hollywood (deliberately not naming it).  I’d pushed back my entrance for whatever reason (slacker).  So, early 2008 I was considering what I’d publish my music as.  The motto for the battalion I was in was “per ardua ad astra” which means something like “you’ll get to the stars if you suffer enough”.  I’m also prone to random reads on Wikipedia so I took inspiration from the Sigma Six protocol.  I don’t know what Sigma Six is all about but I think it’s something to do with managing improvement.  It all sounded pretty Latin so I smooshed it together to get Hex Sigma Per Ardua which essentially meant “struggle to improve”.  It was then shortened to Hex S.P.A. before just becoming what it is now.  I’m afraid to know if it actually means something in Latin.  Actually, it probably means swiss cheese fetishist.  I could live with that.

At that time I was learning covers and writing originals on the good ole’ acoustic geetar.  I was also in the very early stages of my learning to sing.  I emphasize very early, as in, don’t you dare look for evidence.  You’ve been warned.

Ugh, I’m trying to keep these posts under 250 words so in Part 4 I’ll ‘splain you from 2008 till now and how the EDM revolution ruined my life.