Will It Explode?

Karla got an eLeaf iStick Pico Resin about a month ago. It’s super cute and she loves it. Sadly, one day when she was vaping on it, it started getting screen glitches and firing continuously. Anyone will wonder, “Will it explode?”

Obviously, that’s a problem. Vape safety is a real issue. We’ve all heard stories about dudes with unregulated mods blowing their faces off.

Now I’m not saying I’d leave Karla if she didn’t have a face. It’s just that, and don’t judge me, I prefer her with hers still attached. So what do we do?

Send It Back

We messaged Element Vape about it and they got back to us right away. However, once we had that first talk, they stayed quiet for almost three days. In my opinion, three days is long enough to wait for anyone to get back to me.

So I did what anyone else would do – I left a 1-star review. You can’t blame me. My girlfriend has a defective product which should still be under warranty, we got teased by the seller & we want answers.

I also messaged them on Twitter. Before, when I was praising them, they liked my tweet so I know they’re listening. Maybe it was a combination of those things or chance but, within a few hours, we got them talking.

Now we have an RMA form to fill out and send back with the kit. Funny but eLeaf actually got back to us too – within two days – and they’re in China! I’m happy that they stand by their products.


So that’s what’s happening. I’ll get that in the mail and we’ll be set. Today I’m ordering a Gigabyte Aorus z390 Pro Wifi motherboard for my new PC build.

One day I hope to talk more in depth about why I chose every part. For now, I’ll tell you that Puget Systems had these brands on their Most Reliable Hardware list. Who am I to argue with people who build computers all day?

I want to remind you that I put out an EP at the end of 2018. Just sign up for the Hexie Dose Newsletter and I’ll send it to you for free. That’s free as in beer, not liberty. Check out the video and stop by tomorrow for more Hexspa goodness. Peace.

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