Women Are Like Elephants?

Women are like elephants – they never forget. However, guys also have certain things which stick with them. Let’s explore the differences.

Ladies First

So what had happened was I was at the mall, again, with my lady. Yesterday I was depressed but a girl said hi to me and I felt better. Therefore, in my cro-magnon male brain, I thought, “If I say hi to girls, they’ll feel good too.” Not all of them!

Women elephants?

I said hello to one on the way to Starbucks when Karla and I were walking. This was a mistake. I quickly felt her get tense but I didn’t know why. As it turns out, the stress had deep roots. Like other women, my elephant doesn’t forget!

A long time ago, when we first started dating, I got a waitress’s phone number when we were at Denny’s. Since we hadn’t been together long, I didn’t think it mattered. Boy was I wrong!

Elephant Woman Psycho Babble

Apparently, women store everything a guy does away in her memory. Women, according to psychology, have stronger associations with these kinds of things than us boys do. If you were out with her even 10 years go and you were a butt head when you wore a red shirt, she’ll probably always remember that and hate when you wear red.

The thing is, guys also have permanent memories about things but they aren’t the same ones. We tend to hold on to every breakup much longer than girls do. Actually, I feel like I have gotten over some old wounds but the studies say otherwise.

I think the main takeaway is that the road to hell is paved with loving intentions. Men and women are so different that it doesn’t surprise me we don’t always see eye-to-eye. Hopefully this information will empower you next time you interact with the opposite sex.

Something To Remember

One thing that I want you all to remember is that I put out an EP at the end of 2018 called Eight Bar Embryos Volume 1. You can get it free when you join the Hexie Dose Newsletter. The songs are pretty catchy so listen to them at least 5-7 times so you can activate your elephant memory!

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