Year End 2017

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Year End 2017

I had a pretty productive year.  Life definitely threw me some challenges.  All things considered, I’m looking forward to 2018 being even better.  Let’s look back from the year end 2017.

year end 2017

Year End 2017

In Review

This past year I made some good progress in releasing music.  Not only did I publish several Eight Bar Embryo tracks (including one made just for this NYE celebration) but I also put out my second official release: Uncomfortable EP Pt. 2.  I felt good about getting so much content out there including a blog post for every video and track.  However, there were setbacks.

Rocky Mountain High

Unfortunately, I had to move into a new apartment.  We all know that apartments suck: money going toward something you’ll never own, limited space, invasive inspections, and (ugh) neighbors.  That people keep commenting on my Annoying Neighbors With Subwoofers video to recount their neighbor horrors is no longer surprising.  All I can say about this is that we will all benefit once we expect challenges then work together – calmly – to resolve them.

No Country

Moving forward, I’m looking to upload a bunch of Syntorial content in a Let’s Play format.  That program has really helped me get my synthing together and I want to share it’s joys with my audience.  Besides that, I need to improve my email marketing efforts in addition to the Patreon experience for my biggest fans.  I feel glad to offer additional content but I have to make it first!

Moving Forward

So I hope this year was wonderful for you guys.  May you achieve your resolutions and make time for your priorities and cherished relationships.  If you’re single and jobless then go to the beach.  If you live far from a beach then go to a cafe.

Fuck it just smoke a dro.

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