z390 Aorus Pro Ordered

I ordered a Gigabyte z390 Aorus Pro a few days ago. Too bad the payment didn’t go through right away or I’d have it by now. This board is kind of a big deal.

Kit n Caboodle

I went with this Aorus Pro mobo since Puget Systems said it was reliable. These guys make computers for Adobe Premiere, 3D programs & other technical programs so I figured I’d listen. Recently, I thought to myself that I should listen more so that’s what I’m doing.

The reason I went with the Aorus Pro and not the WiFi model is because this is a desktop and ethernet cables are faster. It’s not like I have a huge house where I don’t want a cable running down the stairs. It’s cool that WiFi is now native to the z390 chipset but who asked for it?

Another thing I bought was the Noctua NH U-14S CPU cooler. I went with that one because I don’t need their flagship model for my needs. Like I’ve previously mentioned, I’m not overclocking this system.


There’s a saying: cheap, fast or good – pick two. Well, for computers, you probably get: looks, performance or reliability. If you overclock, you might sacrifice some stability. If you build a really reliable computer, it might look like a donkey’s rear.

In reality, I just want a system that’s twice as fast as my late 2012 Apple Mac Mini. The Intel 9900k is more than double the performance if my 3615QM according to UserBenchmark. How that tallies up into a complete system, we’ll see.

If all I was doing was music then I could probably tolerate my Mini’s sluggishness. Even with that workload, it’s beginning to falter. Since I’m doing a lot more video now, the upgrade is long overdue.

Just A Music Guy

Even though I’m doing more video, music is still my main focus. Vlogs are cool and all but mostly I see this as a way to share my personality. Maybe it’s my ego talking but I really don’t think people know that I do this all myself.

Sure, I’m not the only one running a single-employee operation but people need to know it. I think people like me need more credit. Everyone who does their best deserves a pat on the back, if you ask me.

Hopefully this is interesting, entertaining & helpful for you. Currently, I’m doing my best to post daily. You can check out the Hexspa YouTube channel for more content like this.


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