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Mona Cusis: How Actual Noise Inspired This Club Banger

Mona Cusis

Love it or hate it, sometimes projects take six months to complete. That was how long it took me to finish this, my most recent project, Mona Cusis. Originally, I was calling it “Noise” since noise was the premise of the track.

Meet Mona Cusis!

Lately, I’ve been doing Syntorial overview videos. Those are sort of like Chicken Soup for the Synthesist’s Soul; just something to help the noobs. For the past few videos, I’ve been making background tracks which feature the concept of the video; noise in this case. My previous track, “Orphan Dex”, was one where I used FM synthesis for the lead sounds.

One thing I hope to be doing more of is releasing projects more frequently. For my last three projects, each has taken six months. If the achievement pundits are to be believed, then I’ll ideally be releasing something each month.

I think one of the ways I can do that is by using more samples. To that end, I’ve been recording my synth jams. Hopefully I’ll be able to make use of these prerecorded audio pieces to more quickly assemble productions. Of course, not being lazy might also help get more tracks out.

Of course, this isn’t just a track. “Mona Cusis” is also an animated video! Ever since seeing videos like those from PolyMatter, I’ve been interested in motion graphics. While I’m far from considering myself a ‘motion designer’, I feel that having custom visualizations add value. Actually, someone left a mocking comment once: “Nice video, bro,” for an upload I made with just a static image as the video. Look at me now, mf!

Depending on whether anyone is interested, I thought that I might do some tutorials on this. Techniques like pitch tracking noise with Meldaproduction effects and using cameras and lights in After Effects Davinci Resolve are ones you might want to hear more about. If so, let me know. If not, just join the Hexie Dose newsletter and I’ll send you music and updates to your email address. Easy to sign up and easy to unsubscribe. Thanks.