planet soul

Planet Soul (Remix)

Planet Soul (Remix) They say that collaborations are good for your musical life.  Heck, that’s probably true.  After all, you get at least one built in retweet.  This track I’m talking about today is a collab between a guy who goes by either pgmjsd or joshEjosh, depending on which day you ask, and me.  He’s …

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this cross

This Cross

This Cross The function of a producer is to unite an artist with their vision while keeping it relevant to their audience.  That sounds like a complex task, and it is.  For my newest track “This Cross” I tried to modernize my sound by incorporating popular elements which support my emotional intention. Problems In Producer …

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honey diamond

Honey Diamond

Aww I wrote a love song called “Honey Diamond” I like the lyrics most.  More piano than usual too.  The form is based off of Type O Negative’s take on “Cinnamon Girl”. This is my last Eight Bar Embryo production before releasing the Uncomfortable EP Pt. 2 next month in October. In the meantime I’ll be …

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dream high

Dream High

Spark it up So this one’s about dreams and stuff. I don’t smoke weed all that much anymore but, you know, once a stoner… As you might have read, these Eight Bar Embryos (8BE) are me trying to improve my skills.  I want to release one a week but it’s tough.  In reality this one …

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Apparently ijdgaf! Songs are fun because you get to expose different shades of meaning. This is about being all independent, not caring, then falling in love. But then, not caring, I sent some dim witted shit during the courting process (as we are wont to do) and screwed it up due to carelessness. See how …

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soft dick

Soft Dick

Great title: “Soft Dick”. Skrillex said to do what puts a smile on your face.  When I thought of this name I lol’d. It’s got an angle to it, besides the novelty, which you songwriting people might enjoy. Patreon is launched!  Please go over there and consider patron-ing me a dollar or whatever so I …

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Green Monkey

Another Color/Animal friggin title. I read an article about music producers.  It was actually probably about Rick Rubin.   It said that he’d get “has-beens” with “writer’s block” (which I put in quotes because people like Neil Strauss say it doesn’t exist – and I agree) to just write two words. Two words. I say …

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