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Guan Day (Six Day War Instagram Bootleg)

Guan Day

If you’re going to produce a track based off a meme, like Guan Day, you better really like it. There was a fun one going around back in May 2021. The one I’m talking about is based off Colonel Bagshot’s “Six Day War” from 1971.

Guan Day!

Though this “Six Day War” bootleg took longer that that to make, it took less time than my last track. I got to use a few new techniques with this one; so that’s fun. The video was simpler, though.

Sample The Horns

One of the cool features of this track is the sampled horns. Understandably, I’d rather not say where they came from. Suffice it to mention that I used iZotope Iris to warp them.

If you listen closely to the horns and bass, you’ll hear some harmonies. I spent about a week learning about counterpoint. You can hear it in a two-voice bass part and an inner voice of the downbeat horns.

Actually, I used a bunch of samples for this track. Most obvious of them is the vocal sample. Some more obscure ones include the drums and certain bass sounds. I wish I could tell you which ones but I already archived the project. Next time I’ll make a note!

One-Day Video Shoot

While I used to be content with a static image for my music videos, someone complained. Really, I’m happy they did – free feedback! Ever since then, I’ve been trying to put some effort into my track videos.

For my last track, Mona Cusis, and the one before, Orphan Dex, I was using Adobe After Effects to create the visuals. Now, that software is unquestionably good. It’s used by motion graphics professionals the world over. The thing is, I’m more of a music guy.

Somewhere, on the internet, I read that Adobe’s Creative Cloud is only worth it if you use it every day. Well, between producing, playing an instrument, and general living, that wasn’t me. Since I felt uncomfortable, I’ve since moved to DaVinci Resolve and Affinity Photo. This resulted in a more simplified video than usual.

Guan Day It’ll Happen

There you have it – a new Hexspa joint; however heavily derivative. Like I mentioned, I’m still learning tons of software so bear with me; things might take awhile. Actually, joshEjosh is working on a flip of this so stay tuned.

Iris is a pretty fun synth and I suggest checking it out if you haven’t. Despite its creative potential, it has a very easy-to-use interface. Without it, I could’ve have made this track.

Let me know how you like this one. Or better yet, join the Hexie Dose newsletter where I’ll send you tracks like this to your email for free! Easy to join and easy to leave so no risk. Cheers.