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Nickel Nipples: Hexspa x joshEjosh Collaboration

Nickel Nipples is the latest jam. Whether you release projects of your own or not, you have to appreciate completed work. This latest collaboration between JoshEJosh and I (Hexspa) is bound to make your bells jingle this holiday season.

Hexspa x Josh E Josh – Nickel Nipples

Nickel Nipples

This track has roots that go way back. All the way since Guan Day. You see, Josh was the one I was talking to when trying to come up with that idea. I felt like I needed to do something fun and we both agreed that memes are fun.

Naturally, once I finished the track, I thought I’d see if he wanted dibs. While I thought he’d do something interesting, I wasn’t expecting what I got – a whole new track.

Actually, there were some similarities, of course. However, I felt that we should just make something entirely new out of it. What you’re listening to, then, is a glorified remix of “Guan Day”. Aren’t you glad you were good this year?

About the name? I don’t know. It involved me taking a leak, but let’s read into it. We’ve all heard of silver dollar nipples, right? If not, now you have. Maybe I was inspired by these cam girls. They make money with their boobs! That’s pretty special. Since nobody is encouraging me to show my chesticles, I have to work my ass with music. That’s kind of the thing: selling your ass is inescapable in this world. Fucking deep.


You might know Joshua Davis (JoshEJosh) as a mad electronic musician hailing from Brooklyn, New York. Whether he’s composing about his futuristic fantasies with “Robot Dogs” or jamming on his epic collection of hardware synths, you can be sure he’ll deliver.

I forget how we met but it must’ve been in the Berklee Online Composing and Producing Electronic Music class with Loudon Stearns. That was back in 2012! Like those last two numbers have flipped, so has this track and I hope it makes you flip too.


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